Omnipresent Album Released!

Good news!  The Omnipresent album is finally up for download!  It’s been a few years in the making, but it’s finally here.  Go get it, and I hope you enjoy.

Omnipresent came out of a brief season of relative stillness.  The years prior I had been traveling a lot and living in cramped quarters with a lot of friends, but was constantly seeing tangible evidence of God’s work in my life and those around me.  When my wife and I moved to Texas we took a break from full-time ministry and focused on family life.  This was a good time for us, but it caused us to have to ponder and meditate on Who God was for us in everyday life where it can be easier to miss His presence and forget that He’s even there.

Songs like God Who Is Near and Lullaby were a reminder to myself (and now to everyone) that, though God does do amazing and big noticeable things that you can find yourself caught up in, He’s always there and doing something in our lives, however easy to gloss over.  It greatly improves our lives and gives God glory when we stop to think for a minute and find His ever-presence in whatever place we’re in right now.

I hope you are encouraged by these songs in much the same way I was when God prodded me to write them.  Also, big thanks to Toby Westberry for the album art, and to my friends Ben Noble, Leah Westberry, and J.E.G. for singing some harmonies.