Beginning of DTS in Cheb!

Hello, friends and family.  It’s been a while since I updated (that might be the common thread running through all of my updates), but a lot has happened.  I am engaged to be married this November in Texas (DTS ends late July), and I am in serious anticipation. I miss my fiance dreadfully, but we are really hoping to be able to have her fly to the Czech Republic for a couple of weeks to visit.

As for as DTS, things are going splendidly.  We are on our third week of lectures and we’ve had two amazing teachers visit already.  Thank you to Dan for teaching from his wealth of personal experiences and to Radko for all of his insight into our identities as children of God.  Our group of eleven students has already been experiencing growth and the joy of living in community for the purposes of knowing God and making Him known.  The last two weeks have been a time of really expecting God to be more than we have thought Him to be in the past, renewing our hope in His character, and letting go of bitterness that has kept us from experiencing the fullness of His love.  Next week we will be at the YWAM base in Herrnhut, Germany, for a week of teaching and experiencing a larger community.

Thank you to those of you who pray for me and for my friends.  I ask that you pray for us to grow in deep relationships with each other and that there would be no wedge able to separate us.  Please pray that we are opened up to experiencing and knowing the fullness of the glory of God and that we would be protected and aware of principalities in the places where we live and travel.

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