Staffing DTS

Hello, friends.  It’s been a while since I updated last, but here’s what’s happened:

After the Create Justice Tour ended, I spent a week with my parents in California and packed, then I headed off to Herrnhut, Germany.  I’ve been at the YWAM base here for a few months now, working on an album, discipling students, giving music lessons, helping some friends to record, and preparing for another season of evangelism.  I’ve met some awesome new people here, reunited with old friends and had great times worshiping together again.

New ministries have started out of YWAM Herrnhut recently, like Hope Dies Last, a ministry that is devoted in the fight against human trafficking, aiming for cultural transformation, using the tools of media and social awareness to reach the masses.  There is also a base being planted in Florida that will run English/German DTS’s (Discipleship Training School), with the vision of raising up many German missionaries.  Three people from Herrnhut base have decided to go to Bulgaria in November 2012 to plant a base.

The last two weeks almost everyone has been gone, going on different outreaches.  A team went to Beijing, China, with Jan Schlegel and the Liz and the Lions band.  Our Marriage of the Arts DTS was in Nurnberg, Germany, for two weeks doing evangelism through art.  I was with the Justice DTS for two weeks in Cheb, Czech Republic, giving English lessons, hanging out with students, and showing the love of God to prostitutes, pimps, and the homeless.  It was so encouraging to be able to talk with different people, to see how open they were to the gospel, and to know that I will come back to continue our discussions.

I also met with the YWAM Cheb staff and discussed a lot of things concerning myself joining their team.  So, I am proud to announce that I will be staffing their first DTS in February.  This will be the first DTS run in the Czech Republic in about ten years.  There are already students being accepted to the school and teachers being scheduled in!  I’m excited to see all the things God will do in the coming year, and I know He will bring Himself glory in the Czech Republic.  Click here for more information or if you are interested in doing a DTS in Czech (Cheb’s DTS’s are bilingual; run in both English and Czech).

Also, I have a new e-mail address affiliated with this website and ministry: