Texas, 2012

Hello, everybody. I was just in Texas for several weeks. The first few weeks or so were spent in Tyler, TX, visiting with good friends and their family. God did some amazing things in relationships while I was there. I ended up spending a few more days than planned there because going to New Orleans to meet the Create Justice Tour didn’t work out, but that was a good thing and God used it. I was extremely blessed because with the few extra days my friend and I got to visit my grandparents in Arkansas that I hadn’t seen in about seven years. It was an amazing time, and they were extremely encouraging in the ministries that my friend and I are working in.

I ended up meeting the Create Justice Tour in Austin, TX. We got to do an art show and worship at a coffee house in San Marcos, a bit south of Austin, and meet up with some local artists. Our team got to live with some local university students and it was an encouraging “Iron sharpens iron” experience. We went several times to 6th Street and the downtown area of Austin to hang out and love on people there. God put some amazing people in our path and the Holy Spirit did so much as we listened to their stories and prayed with our new friends.

On our way out to California we stayed at a campground in North East Utah. We were just expecting to stay the night and get on our way, but God planned for us to meet a very special woman. God gave us so much satisfaction in being able to encourage her and pray for her and her family. She said that the sound of our team worshiping that night allowed her to sleep soundly though she was in a stressful season of life.

Thanks to God we’ve made it all the way to Northern California. Our schedule is nice and packed here with organized ministry, which is an interesting change from our time in Texas. I’m looking forward to reporting back on all the things God does through everything. He is continually faithful. In the seemingly mundane or menial He has a desire and a plan to create, redeem, and restore.

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  1. Yay for updates! I’m glad you were able to visit your grandparents. I pray God continues to watch over you and the team wherever you are.