Thessaloniki, Greece

       Hello again, and happy new year!  Being in Greece was amazing and a lot of unexpected things happened.  I guess you should expect the unexpected when you put your trust in God.

        God provided a place for our team to stay at in two different churches and the home of a small group of missionaries to Greece.  We are very grateful towards them and God for all provision.  In the larger church we stayed at they had actually been praying about and organizing an all-night prayer watch.  They said that when we e-mailed them a few days before their prayer night that it seemed like an answer to prayer.  Long story short, we got to tell them about the prayer movement in Herrnhut, Germany (were our YWAM base is), and to help in leading their prayer night.  Thank you so much for letting us be a part of that.

        God really made us a part of that church for the next few days and we got to praise and worship with them for their New Year’s service and to organize a Sunday morning service with them.  They are an awesome church and God is really putting a desire for more in them.  They will be such a force of change in their city.

         God also blessed us with the opportunity to go to a Roma settlement  a few minutes outside of the city.  The Roma are a nomadic people that have their own language and live alongside totally different cultures but remain mostly separate.  We played with their children and God gave us some of His great heart for them.  We found that several families believed in Jesus so we worshiped with them.  Their faith has separated them from the rest of the Roma society though, because it makes them stand out in a culture that has hardly changed over a thousand years despite being spread throughout Europe.

        We also did street ministry in Thessaloniki.  We usually all split up and go in groups of three or so all through the city, but we felt God wanted us to do something different.  We all gathered in one square, some praying, some socializing, some evangelizing, some taking portraits, some worshiping through music, and some through dance.  God did so much for us.  We met so many people, told many about Jesus, and we saw one man be healed of his neck injury.

        Greece is beautiful, and Thessaloniki is beautiful as well, but there is a lot of spiritual warfare taking place there, and a lot of darkness.  The economy is one of the worst in Europe and people told us that the atmosphere in the city had changed for the worse in the last several years.  People are putting their hope in anarchism, religion, hedonism, and satanism.  Some don’t put their hope in anything.  Prostitution is legally recognized by the government, human trafficking is a known issue, and corruption is rampant in the state.  Pray about these things.  There is hope and we have seen people in Thessaloniki warring to see these things restored.  God does not fail.