Stella’s Voice

        Before our team left Germany, we heard about an organization called ‘Stella’s Voice’.  We found out about them because God had really put Moldova on our hearts and we started researching ministries.  We were looking forward to meeting everyone from Stella’s Voice for months.

        Stella’s Voice is an umbrella organization that seeks to minister to Moldova’s orphans.  They started out visiting orphanages, but now they adopt them.  They have multiple houses for orphans that are about to reach the age were the state run orphanages stop taking care of them.  They provide a loving environment, food, shelter, education, family, and the chance to know Jesus.  They are Moldova’s first Christian orphanage.

        We got to hang out with the kids that live at Stella’s House and Jason’s House (the house for orphan boys).  The kids run their own church and it was awe inspiring to watch them organize and run a church at such a young age, especially when we witnessed the passion of their worship.  Our team had the privilege of holding an art seminar for the kids and we had a blast.  They had a night of worship and testimonies, and the power of each person’s testimony was gripping.  

        We hope that we will get to hang out with Stella’s Voice again in the future.  We know that we will see them in heaven.

        If you want to know more about Stella’s Voice you can go here  They also have a lot of videos you can watch that include children’s testimonies