Skopje, Macedonia

        So we spent a day in Macedonia.  We mostly just hung out with friends that one of the girls from our group had known and lived with before.  It was great to meet all of them and their hospitality was wonderful.

        While we were in Skopje we had multiple contacts for Greece get back to us.  We will probably be spending a more extended time in Greece.  Pray that we don’t have any issues with border crossing or parking.  Also, Greece is known as a center for trafficking and prostitution, so pray that God would use us to bring light and truth.

        You can also pray that God would restore Macedonia’s economy, bless the church we stayed with, and that He would be praised in Macedonia.  Thanks for reading.

        By the way, that photo to the right is of kids playing with fireworks on a busy street in Skopje, by Jaeden Strauss.