So, my DTS outreach team is headed for South Eastern Europe.  If you don’t know what a DTS is or what an outreach is, go to  Basically we are going in a few vans with just the essentials and sharing about who Jesus is and ministering to whatever need God puts before us.

        We’re not positive, but we think our route will start in Germany, head South into Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, and into Greece.  Then we will “about face” and head North through Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and into Ukraine.  After all that we will cut West back home into Germany.  All of this is subject to change and we have no idea how long we will spend in any place, but pray for each country, that all of our border crossings will be successful and that we are well received by everyone so we can serve.

        We cannot release specifics, but our team will probably be working with prostitutes, victims of the human trafficking industry, and organizations that deal with these issues.  Pray for protection over these organizations and for those that have escaped slavery.  We also want to build relationships with the children of women who have been trafficked and to give them cameras and teach them how to take photographs.

        Hopefully I can update as we go along.  Thank you for everything.