Our group has spent the last seven days in Nürnberg.  We’ve mostly spent our time in the inner city, doing street ministry and music, going on prayer walks, and meeting a lot of interesting people.  God gave us a place to stay at the very first place we asked, the local YMCA, or CVJM if you’re German.  They were amazingly hospitable and we got to see how much their organization does for the community of Nürnberg.

        God has been at work in this city, though it may be hard to see sometimes.  He has given our team a heart for those who are stuck in the sex industry here and the opportunity to share His love with them.  He has placed us in relationship with the many homeless and migrant workers in Nürnberg, as well.  Some of them we have seen go back home to their families for Christmas, and we are so grateful for God providing a way home for them.  Pray that they all made it home safely and that they will be able to find work to support their families.

        One person God led to us was a Romanian man that had just arrived two days before.  He was working for a family but then that family sold him for €300 to another family.  He escaped and approached our team while they were speaking to a homeless man.  We are glad to say that he is back home in Romania now and that we may see him again in his village when we reach Romania.

        God also blessed our team with the chance to go into a refugee camp at the end of our stay in Nürnberg.  We met many people from the Middle East and Eastern Europe.  We spent the day listening, playing music and cards, and talking about everyone’s homeland.

        We love Nürnberg, it’s a beautiful place and the Holy Spirit is doing so many things there.  Pray for Nürnberg.