Novi Sad, Serbia

       Zdravo, my friends, from Serbia.  It was a long drive getting here, but it was worth it.  God tested us along the way and He is really pushing us to rely on Him and not our finances or sense of direction.  That’s a good thing though, because He knows where we are all the time and He can provide for His children without money.  We really just want for Him to be worshiped and His glory to be shown throughout the world.

        So, in Nova Sad we have been performing in the streets with all of our team’s amazing artists, just worshiping God with art, and we have found that Serbia is so hungry for God and that they have such a passion for the arts.  There are so many art galleries and museums in Nova Sad, even though it’s a relatively small city.  The culture is vibrant here in so many ways and we really praise God for making Serbia a beautiful country.  Pray that God would receive more glory in Serbia and that the Holy Spirit would be upon it’s leaders, churches and people. 

The last night we were in Novi Sad we had a church service in the town square.  We played worship, talked with the locals, and shared communion.  God allowed us to meet so many people and they were so hungry and open to befriend us and hear about Jesus.

        You can get an idea of Serbia’s past and political climate by just searching for “Serbia” on google news, all sorts of things will come up.  But Serbia’s next generation is looking forward to a different Serbia.  The people we met said they are anxious and pushing for Serbia to be more at peace and more internationally accepted.  

        One of the things that really surprised us was how easily Serbians make friends with strangers.  We came here knowing no one and having no grasp on the language or culture, but in the three days we stayed we made so many contacts and friends.  We love Serbia and we want to go back.

        You can pray about Serbia’s economic situation, their political unrest, and that the Holy Spirit would dwell heavily with it’s lovely people.