Okay, we made it to Moldova.  Thanks to God and everyone that helped us on our way.  Also, a special thank you to the YWAM base in Iaşi, Romania, for letting us spend the night there before crossing the border into Moldova.

        Moldova is a country that has been on our hearts to go to before we even had an outreach team put together.  God was speaking to our school about Moldova and giving us dreams and words for the country.  When we came together as the South East Europe outreach team, we felt that Moldova would be a huge part of our ministry and that we would stay there the longest.

        We will update this portion of our ministry in several episodes as we go along.  When we first got to Moldova we went to the only major city in the country, Chişinau.  We had no contacts, so we went to the train station and some members of our team started researching.  Someone found a random medical document that had been sent by a church that had a cell phone number at the bottom.  We called the number and the pastor of a Baptist church in the city picked up, asking,”How did you find this number?”.  We ended up staying at his church and the staff has been able to point us to ministry opportunities left and right, so much so that we rarely if ever are making up our own ministries lately.  It’s a nice change of pace for us, after so much street ministry, especially since it is bitterly cold here.

        For our first day of ministry God led us to get on the city buses and see what happened.  Some groups met families and young students debating whether to stay in the country or not, and other groups got a heart for the city through prayer.  The next day we sent some people to the Christian college to speak, some others to a hospital for burn victims, and others to a home for the handicapped.  At night the girls joined in with the church’s women’s bible study.  

        That weekend we were invited to participate in an inter-church youth meeting.  There were multiple sermons, an original worship band, and some videos.  Our team got to show a skit based on Ezekiel 16 set to a song by Gungor, called Ezekiel.  At the end our team had the honor of leading worship.  The next day at church our entire team sang Amazing Grace and afterwards we spent the entire day visiting with families in their homes.  It was all a blessing to us and we hope that we were encouraging in everything we did.

        Throughout the next week we would continue in a lot of the same ministries we had been working with, but God also prepared more for us to do.  We got to visit a Christian organization that plants churches and ministries for children and the elderly in villages.  Our team put on an art seminar at the Christian college.  It was amazing to watch God show people that He wants to do so much more through them than they knew.  There were classes on prophetic art, music and worship, movement in worship, photography, journal making, and drawing.  Some of our team also got to help teach english classes.

        One of the things that we did not expect was that we would be going to the local sauna once a week.  A lot of us had never even been to one before.  When the guys group went they were told that it would be a chance to evangelize.  When we got there we felt silly, our translator couldn’t even communicate because everyone spoke Russian and not Romanian.  Later we found out that God had used us just by sitting there in the same room, unable to speak, to soften the hearts of what we now know were men from an integration center for orphans.  We were invited to their home for a musical presentation and we all shared a song or three.  The next week when we went to the sauna, two of the men said they wanted to accept Jesus Christ, much to our astonishment, seeing as we couldn’t even hold a conversation with them.  We prayed with them and each line of the prayer had to be translated from English, to Romanian, and finally into Russian by one of the church elders.  It was such an honor to even be there for what God had prepared for years in those two men’s lives.  We really learned that night that God doesn’t need our ability, He just wants our hearts to desire Him and for us to seek His kingdom.  Jesus does all the hard parts, and we just obey.

        Until next time, love, peace, joy.