Moldova II

        Hello again from Chişinau, Moldova.  We are coming up on our last few days of outreach and it’s almost time to head back to Germany.  We’ve been extremely privileged to see God move in so many ways over the last few months.

        We’ve been spending a lot of time with the church we are staying with and working with their ministries.  They have given us so much to do and they have opened so many amazing doors for us.  Our team has gotten to work with multiple youth and elderly organizations and centers in the city and out in the villages, we’ve been sent to probably six different villages to encourage the churches there and stay with families, we sent groups to the burn victim ward of the local hospital, the Christian College is a place of almost daily visitation for our team, and we’ve been to a trade school and several businesses.  There is undoubtedly more that God has done that has been looked over somehow.  Jesus has blown our minds with opportunities here.  It amazes us even more when we remember coming here with absolutely no contacts.  We really got to see that it is God’s providence that makes ministries happen, not our efforts.

        While we were here we also met up with an outreach team from a base in England, called YWAM Homestead.  We were really surprised to see another YWAM team in Moldova.  We had a meal together and worshiped with them one night, and we’ve gone out and done ministry with them once or twice.  It was lovely to have them around and we are sure that God planned for us to cross paths.

        We are so thankful to God for everything.  We are also thankful to all the people that God appointed to help us on our journey.  We know that God will reward them on earth and in heaven.

        We have faith that God will send some of us back to Moldova in the future.  More to come soon.