Going Back To Herrnhut

        So the team will be leaving tomorrow morning at 6 AM to head back to Herrnhut.  We will be making a quick stop in Sighişoara, Romania, then head off to a somewhat secret location to do debrief.  Pray we make it safe through the mountains and that the vans hold up.  

        Things that may and probably will happen once we get back to the YWAM base in Herrnhut:  Rest, more debrief, magazine making, lots of art, and preparation for touring in Europe.  We don’t have specifics yet, but we think we will be making new teams to tour different areas in Germany and the rest of Europe.  For 9ish days we will be talking about everything God has done during DTS and sharing the love of Jesus in a new place.  

        After that I should be coming home to California for two or three months.  All kinds of stuff to do back there, but I’ll talk about that in a month or so.