Czech Republic Tour

       Daniel here.  Back at the YWAM base in Herrnhut, Germany.  It’s nice to talk with friends and see what God did on all of our outreaches in all kinds of places around the world.  Which is exactly what we will be sharing with people in different places around Europe in the next few weeks.

        We are sending small tour groups to Spain, all different parts of Germany, Macedonia, and my team is going around the Czech Republic.  We will all be spending a week telling people about DTS and all of the awesome things that God has done and continues to do.  The weeks leading up to tour will involve planning, writing, and printing the next Marriage of the Arts magazine to take on tour with us.  It will be full of testimonies and photos from missions work done out of our base during the last DTS.

        My team will go to a missions conference in Prague the first day, and then we will be traveling to speak at different places around Czech for the next week.  We will be with some people from the YWAM Cheb base (Cheb is in Czech).  We are really hoping to see God change people’s lives while we tour, and that a lot of Czech people will be inspired to do missions work.  Maybe my friend Ben and I will drop in on some cafes and jam out sweet dirty blues tunes, hope so.

        Thanks for reading.  Blessings, love, and peace.