Beginning of Life

        Beginning of Life is a social works organization that we were put in touch with by the church hosting us during our time in Moldova.  They are based out of Chişinau, the capital city, and they adapt to whatever God impresses on them to be the biggest social issue.  They do awareness ministries at schools about things like abortion and human trafficking.

        They graciously did a presentation and question and answer session with our team about human trafficking in Moldova.  We learned a lot and we were glad to see an organization start out of one person’s passion.

        One of the main things their organization does now is provide a home for and minister to women who have been trafficked.  Most of their staff have degrees in psychology and they are continually in training.  

        Part of the women’s rehabilitation at Beginning of Life is to learn a trade and find peace in activity.  They make crafts, dolls, and stuffed bears.  The dolls are packaged with information about human trafficking as a tool of awareness for young girls that are at risk of being trafficked.

        Some girls from our team got to spend some time hanging out with the girls and one day they helped make dolls and stuffed bears with them.    Everybody had fun and we noticed a sense of family between the girls.

        Go to to find out more and how you can pray for and support their work.